by Obdurate Space

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released October 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Obdurate Space Colorado Springs, Colorado

Before time there was nothing. Then, there were dinosaurs. Soon thereafter (in a cosmic sense) there was Josh Shulkin.

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Track Name: The Stranger
Do you see what I'm stuck with?
This crippling indifference
I feel nothing for your name
But I'll marry you all the same

I hope you will form a crowd
Five shots to you on the ground

So lock me in this cell
And scream of Heaven and Hell
But I am perfectly content
If there is nothing next

I hope you will form a crowd
Nothing will stop this now
Track Name: Bathtub Acid
It seems our time has now run short
But soon I'll see you again
I can't say how or where quite yet
I can only say when

Time's such a funny thing, you see
Once you manipulate it
It's just some cosmic complex fabric
Begging to be stretched thin

And I'll tear a hole
Straight to where you sleep
Make all of reality
Crumble at my feet
I'll shatter what you know
And I'll bend every truth
Cos I'm a selfish lonely man
And there's nothing I won't do

I'll try one last time to fix
Every mistake I've ever made
I'll look for a shred of redemption
In every letter of my name

It seems our time has now run out
I'm not prepared for the sting
Of our separation, just so you know
You were my favorite thing
Track Name: Lavender Gooms
I don't owe you anything

Knew it all along
Track Name: Milquetoast
I make mistakes almost every day
or the days don't feel the same
But gradually I will happily
let it all fade away
And here are to those times you helped me
keep myself composed
But you and me, we're a symphony
Two minds playing at once

So keep me whole or break me open
Just keep me alive

You heard I lost the point of the plot
In my own distorted view
So I'm connecting dots with all my thoughts
and seeking out the truth
Here is to the lesser half of all I've said and done
All the witless lines I've forced to rhyme
Prove I'm the misguided one

I'm excited to see where I'll go
now that I have hit this new low
I'm excited to see where I'll go
Hope I'll end on a dissonant(different) note