Inherently Unnamed

by Obdurate Space

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Inherently Unnamed: A story of the anxiety and confusion that affects many individuals lives.


released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Obdurate Space Colorado Springs, Colorado

Before time there was nothing. Then, there were dinosaurs. Soon thereafter (in a cosmic sense) there was Josh Shulkin.

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Track Name: Harmonic
It's such a relief to find the root of your problems
To realize what creates these mental road blocks
And if I act quickly there may still be some hope
If I can just find the right state of mind
One that conveys that I know what I'm doing
And keeps you believing the biggest of lies
But I'm scared and confused, and I'm full of emotion
Expression was never a forte of mine

Faulty in a way
From the very first day
You can draw me a path, but I will stray
Only structurally sound
When you're not around
You can look all you want, but I'm never found

The future's a constant and thrives on the change
Of a world that revolves around a star in the sky
And while some may find comfort in words on a page
This cosmic indifference is where I find mine
One day, I'll clear my head of these distractions
I'll be something somewhere to someone someday
And one day I'll stand up and follow my dreams
Down a path I suppose is mine to create

Faulty in a way from the very first day
You can draw me a path but I will stray
Directed by fear
'Cause you're always near
This is a slow going process, my dear
Track Name: Looking Glass
next to where you lay
your eyes were open,
you were staring at me from your grave

You turned, your movement fixed
i tried to hold your gaze
I felt you looking through
the looking glass that keeps you sane

I consumed and consume
Immaterial things
Years of science fiction
matched with every single word you sing

I watched excuses grow
From some unknown depth
Felt your brain recite
Poetry of years poorly spent

Could you personify
Everything I fear?
Are you what stops
What blocks me year by year

I tried my best to reclaim
The step in every mile
I’ve ever taken
Before I became so vile

My space shifted a bit
You I tried to avoid
Still not over
What you spat at me when I was a boy

I forced my view back through
that enervated glass
I forced our eyes to lock
The moment never seemed to pass

With me in your sight
I slowly felt you cave
This chance I’ve waited for
To take back everything I gave
Track Name: Point One For Conspiracy Theorists
I hate where I am in life
I'm sick of the morning's light
I'm tired of every sound

I hate where these roads lead
I'm sick of self discovery
I'm tired of opinions

I watched my life shatter to several different pieces
Hazardous byproduct of conspiracy theorists
Plugged in a system that promotes its own mind warp
Selling you virtues until you're just a walking corpse

I hate where my head goes
I'm sick of never feeling in control
I'm tired of giving in
Track Name: 'Twas a Cold Winter's Night
I've spent the last two weeks coming back from a mental breakdown
I don't know how I'm here
I let the stress build up and break me down
And strike me full of fear

My mind is a trap and I've gotten caught inside
The space where my panic and reality collide
I just want this to stop, I just want this to end
I'd give you everything I have to never feel again

I've spent the last two years relearning how to breathe
As if that's something you forget
I calmed the anxious fire inside my head
And yet the flame still breathes

It's not your problems that matter, more the way you deal with them
And I'm taking all the right steps to keep my head from caving in
So come on, show me how your mind words, let me compare myself to you
Show me that I don't have a clue
Track Name: Dissolve
Hey kid, I watched you dissolve
Into the fragmented moments hanging on the wall
Every picture feels specious
Every space looks vacant
Composing frames from these pieces
Of all the time you have taken

Hey kid, what do you think you need?
Some perceived success or some material thing?
Or are you just scared of getting by
Feeling empty until the day you die
I want to be able to face this
I want to remain nameless

Sleep safe, sleep sound while you dream
Dream well, haunted by me
Stay low, stay down on yourself
Keepsake, keep seeking out help
Give up, give into everything
Speak out, speak up when you hear me sing
Track Name: Resound
There isn't any time
Keep this moment safe

Believe all of these lies
Your voice always resounds

Through my head

I've wasted all my time
Your voice always resounds

It never ends

Dropped plots, a lost cause
Inspiration never stopped
Say it again, I'll break you
Say it again, I'll make you
Fall apart from the seems
Take away everything
That you think you need
That will make you plead
For another night
To wrong these rights
I can feel your heartbeat
I can feel your lips bleed
Words you've never spoken
Still they leave you broken
Your words resound through my head